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1) Conclusion of contract

The full price must be received by the organizer’s booking office no later than 8 weeks before the start of the event. The contract is already concluded upon acceptance of any payment on account.

2) Cancellation conditions

The customer may cancel his/her participation in an event booked with us free of charge and without giving reasons up to 8 weeks before the start of the event (40 days). Thereafter, 100% of the booking amount is due. We work with small groups for the benefit of training quality and cannot finance cancellations. We therefore recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance.

The booking is transferable: Should the customer realize after the expiry of the cancellation period that, contrary to expectations, he/she is unable to attend the event, he/she has the right to transfer the booking to another person, but in any case not to a person who has already booked the same event and still has outstanding payments.

3) Minimum number of participants 3 persons

If the minimum number of participants for the booked event is not reached 8 weeks before the start of the event, we may have to cancel the event. We will then immediately transfer the amounts transferred to us for this booking up to this point in time to the customer’s account. If cancellation insurance has been taken out, we will of course reimburse this amount!

4) Cancellation by the organizer due to accident or illness of the trainer:

Should none of the trainers be available on the date of the event due to sudden illness and/or accident, the event will not take place. In this case, the organizer will refund the amounts transferred to the organizer by the participants up to this point in time. If cancellation insurance has been taken out, the organizer will reimburse these amounts! No further claims can be made.

5) Liability

Participation is at the participant’s own risk. The organizer assumes no liability for personal injury or property damage, losses, accidents, delays, etc., unless they are directly caused by the organizer.

If the event is terminated prematurely for reasons for which the organizer is responsible, a refund will be made in proportion to the duration of the event. A refund will not be made if the termination is caused by circumstances for which a participant is responsible.

Any claims for compensation are limited to the amount of the event price. No further claims can be made.

There shall be no claim for damages if circumstances or damage occur during the event due to force majeure which make it impossible to continue the event.

If the failure of equipment on board does not permit the safe continuation of the event, a maximum laytime of 36 hours in port must be accepted in order to rectify the damage.
Claims for damages cannot be made on this basis. If it is subsequently not possible to continue the event, a refund will be made in proportion to the duration of the event. No further claims can be made.

6) Ship’s command

In the interest of the safety of the training participants, program and course changes or – irrespective of the current distribution of tasks on board corresponding to the training program – the final decision lies in any case with the skipper (= trainer). No claims for compensation can be derived from this.

7) Insurance

The boats used for the training are fully insured, there is no deductible (exceptions: spinnaker, dinghy, outboard motor).

We recommend that you take a cancellation insurance (trip cancellation insurance)

We recommend that you take a personal insurance package (luggage, accident, liability, health insurance)

8) Place of jurisdiction